Certain aspects of the current TAW website are known to not work properly with some browsers and due to the time and resources needed to fully facilitate these users we are unlikely to resolve all issues. We therefore recommend that users instead use Mozilla Firefox if issues arise that the below fixes do not solve.

Try clearing your browser cache and cookies. (Firefox and Internet Explorer shortcut: CTRL+Shift+Delete)

Make sure no other browser pages are open when doing so, then restart your browser after.

Verify that whatever you’re trying to access is something that you should be able to access. Guests to our website have very limited rights. The only things a guest with no account can do is view our public forums, view blogs, view a couple select wikis and apply to a game. If you have an account that has not yet applied to a game you will have these same rights, but you will be able to post to our public forums.

If certain features of the website are unavailable like post buttons and such, you're probably not using a compatible browser. Use Firefox or Chrome.